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August 6th, 2019, 9:41 pm
Tirupati Plastomatics is India' leading manufacturer & exporter of PVC cables.

We have the extensive cable knowledge and experience to provide a specification review service which is relied upon by many of the top engineering and construction firms. RS Gemini at Jaipur.

They offer a broad spectrum of cable product and services including: LT Power cable ,Control cable, Aerial cable, Instrumentational cable, Thermocouple cable, Railway signaling cable, Buired service cable ,Installation cable ,Trailing cable ,Mining cable ,HR cable, Custom Made cable, Stay cable, Panel Flex cable, HQR Insulated cable, Cabtyre cable, Ripcord cable, PVC House cable, Flattwin cable, Suffix cable cable ,House wire cable, 1kv Flexible cable, Submersible cable, ACSR cable, AAC cable, AAAC cable, ABC cable, Dry & Jelly filled China Eco-friendly polyester yarn Manufacturers Telecommunication cable , FRLS cables and much more under the brand name of "Tirupati Plastomatics ".

Tirupati Plastomatics is a world class company with over 28 years experience has grown to become a leading manufacturer of structured cabling solutions that takes up various engineering projects on turnkey basis. PVC Coated Wire is manufactured with quality iron wire. Our diversified product range is a biggest stop for all your cable & conductors need. PVC is the most popular plastic for coating wires, as it is relatively low in cost, resilient, fire retardant and possesses good insulating properties. The foundation of this company was laid in 1982 by Mr. Since the establishment our goal is to satisfy our customers and to deliver the requested product just in time to the best possible price/performance ratio. They are Power Cable Exporters, Control Cable Manufactures India,Sabs Approved Manufactures,PVC Cable Manufactures from 1982.

Tirupati Plastomatics developed a wide variety of cables for Diversified users and in the only cables company to offer comprehensive range of cables needed by all circles of the economy vise Power and Electricity, Railways, Thermal Power Projects, Tele communications and various other public sector undertakings.